Are you tired of stepping onto cold, chilly floors and dreaming of a home that’s cozy, energy-efficient and designed for comfort? Then look no further.

We make this dream a reality by creating a sanctuary of warmth that spreads throughout your home.

Why choose a water underfloor heating system?

  • Enjoy even, radiant heat throughout your home
  • Water-fed systems are perfect for larger surface areas and are far cheaper to run than electric underfloor heating systems, which are reserved for smaller spaces
  • Underfloor heating systems rid your home of cold spots and the need for unsightly and bulky radiators, preventing any compromise to the interior design of your home
  • Underfloor heating systems are proven to reduce your energy bills
  • Boost your home’s property value with this highly sought-after feature
  • Manage your heating effortlessly with smart, user-friendly controls offering individual and multi-room controls from anywhere
  • Whatever the size, age or construction of your property, it is likely suitable for underfloor heating
  • Underfloor heating systems can often be fitted on top of your existing floor, minimising disruption and lengthy install times

Our water-fed underfloor heating systems essentially turn the floor area into a large, efficient and invisible heat emitter. Strong, flexible heating tubes are laid beneath the floor, which heat up and generate warmth throughout the room. Their ability to use much lower water temperatures than radiators also delivers optimal heat efficiency, removing any cold spots from a room.

Why choose Concept Construction Ribble Valley?

  • We’re nationwide underfloor heating specialists
  • As a family-run business, our team of skilled and professional engineers are certified experts in the installation of water or ‘wet’, as they’re otherwise known, underfloor heating systems
  • We custom design every underfloor heating system to match your home’s individual layout and your family’s lifestyle
  • With quick installation, we minimise disruption and save you time, ensuring your new underfloor heating system is up and running in the fastest time possible
  • We only use quality products, ensuring your underfloor heating system is built to last
  • Our customer service is unmatched, with a business built on word of mouth recommendations
  • Whether it’s a single room or a large multi-floor zoning system, we fine-tune our quotes and drawings to suit every underfloor heating project, delivering an all-in-one service. Multi-room underfloor heating systems also enable each room to be set at a different temperature, delivering complete comfort throughout the home.
  • Our underfloor heating systems use water, meaning they can be linked to virtually any heat source, from boilers to heat pumps

Unparalleled comfort is just a phone call away.

Call us and get it done right.

When you hire Concept Construction, you have the peace of mind that highly qualified contractors are delivering your project with the experience and technical knowledge to meet your short and long-term ambitions.